Password manager

Are you concerned about security in your organization? SMEs, NPOs and government agencies are all facing current cybersecurity challenges.

Equipping your employees with a password manager is an effective first line of defense against hacking.


What is a password manager?

It is an application that allows you to create, store and use the IDs and passwords required to log in to websites, platforms or applications used on a daily basis. It is, for all practical purposes, a virtual safe in which various forms of data are stored.

There are currently several very versatile password managers on the market. The Naskk team uses the Keeper application and recommends it to their clients.
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Many advantages!

  • Only one password to remember
    You will no longer have to remember multiple passwords
    for your favorite sites and portals. Once connected to the manager, the application takes care of the rest!
  • Multi-factor authentication tool
    Software like Keeper Security can be used as an authentication factor (rather than using a personal cell phone, for example) and generate 2-factor codes.
  • A real virtual safe
    The best place to keep your multiple passwords, rather than writing them down on a post-it note, in a notebook
    notes or any other more or less secure methods.
  • Multi-platform
    Install your manager on your cell phone, tablet and personal computers to have access to your password vault at all times.
    Web extensions are also available to secure and speed up your connections.