Optimization of remote work

Remote work is now a reality in many organizations and it can sometimes be difficult to unite team members in a decentralized environment.

At Naskk, we believe that clear and established best practices will help ensure your team’s symbiosis, even from a distance. Long-term efficiency and innovation will be the big winners.

Good practices

It’s not just about knowing how to use a tool’s features, but more importantly about understanding when and why to use them. We need to establish effective best practices that allow our employees to optimize their use:

  • Where do I save this file? On my computer? In the Cloud? On a USB stick?
  • What should I name it? Will my colleagues be able to find it easily?
  • Is my data safe? Who has access to it?
  • Who should I cc on this email?

We are here to help you implement these simple and effective practices for your team in all areas.

Cloud-based consultation

Naskk is able to assist you in evaluating the various challenges and risks that remote work can represent for your organization and can propose solutions and mitigation measures.