IT Solutions

Naskk offers a wide range of IT solutions to meet the different needs of its customers.
We offer a variety of services to help organizations update their business model using emerging technologies.

IT consulting

Our consulting services cover various forms of . optimization of telecommuting. Hybrid work is now an important part of workers’ lives and we can help organizations make it easier for their employees.

We can also organize the implementation of
Microsoft SharePoint
(conceptualize your Intranet, organize your documents on the Cloud and configure data access management).

Our experts can also customize the

Microsoft Teams

environment for your organization.

Our consulting services are designed to help organizations and their employees optimize their work methods through the use of innovative tools to promote connectivity.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud world and cloud services are becoming more and more important in the operational schemes of organizations. The advantages of the Cloud are numerous, especially regarding the secure accessibility of documents from a distance.

The Naskk team can develop a

cloud strategy

strategy to help your company transition to the cloud.

We are also able to help you to

migrate your documents

from a local server to the Cloud. It is also possible to migrate your documents from a platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive, to the Microsoft Cloud service (SharePoint).

Digital transformation

Naskk can help your organization update its operating modes and modernize its work processes. We can assess your

digital maturity

and advise you on the best steps to take to enable you to make the shift to digital.

The benefits of digital transformation are numerous, particularly in terms of increased efficiency and reduced operating costs. In this sense, one of the possible methods to improve efficiency is to

automate repetitive processes

processes and routine tasks that can be performed electronically without the supervision of an employee.