CDAP Digital Advisor

Do you notice a technology gap in your company?

Canadian Digital Adoption Program
(CDAP) currently provides $4 billion to Canadian SMEs to undertake their digital transformation.
Qualifying companies can obtain a grant of up to 15 000$ to retain the services of a digital consultant and offset the costs associated with planning their digital shift.

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Naskk’s team has the qualifications to help small and medium-sized businesses of all backgrounds succeed in their digital transformation.

Eligibility Criteria

Type of company

Being a private company
for profit


Between 1 and 499 employees (or full-time equivalent)

Legal status

Be a sole proprietor or a company incorporated under Canadian or provincial law

Sales figures

Between $500,000 and $100 million in annual revenue in any of the last three years

Some steps:

  • Initial Inquiry
    Contact a Naskk Digital Advisor to assess your eligibility for the program and obtain more information.
  • Application for a grant
    Naskk can then help you initiate your application to the CDAP and maximize your chances of obtaining the grant.
  • Digital needs assessment
    Once you have selected Naskk from the list of CDAP approved service providers, we can then help you assess your organization’s digital strengths and weaknesses to target its real needs. Our digital advice will be used to establish the goals you need to achieve to successfully complete your digital transformation.
  • Development of a digital plan
    Based on the previously established objectives, Naskk will propose a program that will take into account the parameters, budgets and deadlines to achieve the adoption of a customized digital plan.